Repair and maintenance of stationary and mobile systems

Purpose radiation monitoring systems is a round the clock monitoring of the radiation situation at the point of use. Such systems are combined into a single information-measuring complex radiation monitors, video surveillance systems, data collection, data processing and display. In case of faulty operation or failure of equipment, radiation monitoring of the area where it is set is not performed.

Inoperativeness of radiation monitoring systems for a long time is not acceptable, especially if they are installed in the areas of customs control.

The company "Ukrainian Radiation equipment" has all the necessary material and technical basis for fast disaster recovery an integrated radiation monitoring systems and auxiliary equipment in the place of installation.

Our specialists are able to carry out either a block replacement of faulty component parts of the system or electronics repair of defective blocks.

We guarantee 100% maintainability of the system, whatever its location on the territory of Ukraine within 48 hours after receipt of the application.