Commissioning works

Commissioning work is a set of works, including checking, adjustment and testing of electrical equipment in order to ensure the electrical parameters and modes defined project. The purpose of commissioning work is a trouble-free and safe system start and its commissioning.

The complexity of the commissioning work is caused primarily unpredictability problems faced by stuff. These problems requires considerable intellectual cost and cohesion, immediate optimal decision-making, as well as the experience of the pre-commissioning procedures.

There are working the engineers who have experience of commissioning of the radiation monitoring, which were installed radiation monitoring systems of different manufacturers and types.

Commissioning works are divided into:

·         preparatory works;

·         directly commissioning.

Preparatory works include:

·         evaluation and analysis of project and technical documentation for the equipment, instruments and devices;

·         development of operational, technical and starting-up documentation (technology regulations, ERAP,starting-up instructions, procedures by trades);

·         individual tests of installed equipment, the signing of the act of the working committee and go directly to the commissioning works.

Directly commissioning (integrated testing of electrical equipment on the approved program):

·        providing mutual ties, adjustment and tuning characteristics and parameters of individual devices and electrical functional groups in order to ensure a preset modes;

·       electrical testing of the full scheme out-of-gear and under load in all modes to prepare for integrated testing of processing equipment.

The final stage of pre-commissioning - executive design and working documents, protocols and technical reports, drafting of technical instructions for operation of electrical equipment and systems, training of operation personnel.

Commissioning work is considered complete after the signing of the act of acceptance of the executed works. 

Repair and maintenance of stationary and mobile systems